AutoCAD Blog Intro 2

Good morning!!What I put on there were some examples of my drawings I did with AutoCAD 2000.I have done some drawings before on the newer versions of AutoCAD but haven’t been able to retrieve them due to difficulties installing the program.So I am left with using AutoCAD 2000.It’s a good program.No different from the newer versions up to 2008.Of course from 2009 and beyond the program might be different since they have made a few changes on it.But 2000 to 2008 are no different with the exception of some slight changes.

But anyway,I have posted mechanical and architectural drawings I have done on AutoCAD from a book but just brushing up my skills on the program.I will also be putting some electrical drawings on this blog and Twitter too since computers and electrical/electronics are more my background.So I will put more pictures of schematics I have drawn.But not just that.I will also be putting some of my commentary on the whole CAD Industry and technology too so there could be a balance between word and visual on this blog.But I will definitely put more pictures of my drawings since we all tend to be more visual.