Write In Here Either Monthly Or Bi-Monthly

Hi there.I am back once again.Sorry for the late entry.I said one time that this is going to be a monthly blog I write in but I have been trying to write in my other blogs and that in itself can be ┬átiring.Sometimes I wish that I was young so I can write here and my other blogs at the same time.But anyway,if it is all cool I will post this picture of a bedroom that I drew on here.I was going to post it on my Facebook page but I just didn’t the chance to.Also,I was going to write a note in there just to kill boredom and time.As you can see I get bored rather easily.So I will just post it in here.It’s from one of my assignments that I did when I was at SAIT doing AutoCAD courses.I drew the outline first,then I drew the furniture and the doors and window and set them up as blocks and then put some color on there.So I pretty much done it.

Well,I guess that’s all for now since I want to get back on Facebook to write some commentary on what I have read about athletes.I will try and see if I can come back here either monthly or bi-monthly.Another words write every two months if I can.Take care and I will probably see you next month.

By the way,here is the drawing.