Journal Entry On Building Development

Well,here I am back once again on this blog.It has been pretty hectic during the last two months while trying to get some programs running.I have been experimenting with a few drawings while at the same time trying to install a newer version of AutoCAD. Right now I am listening to a presentation on urban planning from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.It’s about urban planning in Latin America.That is all I know right now since I am just listening to the whole lecture right now trying to grasp information or the information.But anyway,for the last few months I have been trying to install a trial version of AutoCAD 2013 on my new laptop and I went through a lot of trial and error in installing it. Which is why I haven’t been writing in here as I want to.Plus with my other blogs I am updating frequently I can only come here bimonthly.

Now getting back to this presentation,I am watching this right now and thinking about if they do the same urban planning in Africa as they do in Latin America since they’re both developing regions on the planet and they’re both share very similar cultures but Latin America gets a little bit more attention than Africa.Urban planning in Africa doesn’t get much attention in the Western media since I am always seeing tales of poverty and mud huts.But there is a lot of construction going on in Africa which people don’t talk about on TV.I read about a couple who built a California style house in Ghana after living in LosĀ AngelesĀ for years.I saw the house and it looked very nice.I thought that you couldn’t do that but I found out that it can be done especially in a place like Ghana.If it can be done in Ghana then it can be done in other African countries that have a lot of land.Buildings are even being built in Latin America especially in Colombia where construction is booming.

Well,that was my entry for this month as my time here is up.Take care and I will see you next year.But for now,have yourselves a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous 2013.