No Construction Stuff This Month,Just My Talk On Fuel

Back once again for this January and I would like to get a couple of things off my chest before the hour is up.I was just going through my LinkedIn profile to see what it is that I can add on to my profile and I happen to run into this group that I just joined.It had nothing to do with construction or anything.It has to do with the job that I am currently doing right now.It has to do with fuel consumption and how we use gas in our daily lives and in our cars.Anyway I ran into this group on how to save money on gas or fuel consumption and it was a good group.So I just decided to join them.I was hoping to find anything on construction but to no avail.I just couldn’t find anything on construction or engineering.But I must say that I am sort of doing something on engineering since gasoline runs and are stored in the pipes underneath the station.I was hoping to find something on construction but the fuel stuff is a start for me so I am hoping to find more stuff which will save consumers a whole lot of money on fuel. 

Well,that is all for this month since this blog is bimonthly.Take care and I will see you in March.