Thinking About Home Depot

I am just here right now trying to collect my thoughts while I write this stuff down here on this blog.I am just here trying to decide on whether or not it;s worth getting a job at Home Depot to counter the gas bar job I am working at because from what I have seen speaking to my coworker who applied at that company it seems like a very good company to work for.I will see what jobs they have today and find out if they are good because I have always had a knack for tools and a real interest on how to make home repairs which most people don’t want to think about when owning a home.But I think that it is essential that we learn how to do some home repairs because it comes in handy just in case something breaks down.It also helps us to save money since we tend to call some expert who knows how to do these repairs or we just tend to move into a better home with a higher mortgage rate and that in itself could be a problem too.With my Auto CAD background and a bit of knowledge of carpentry I might be able to score a job with Home Depot.Although I must admit that I have read some bad things about them years ago due to some safety issues with the working conditions,which made me think twice about apply there for a job,I am pretty sure that they have all their workers trained for safety too.Another concern is the pay which isn’t very good to start with.But I guess that’s how it is there and I will send in an application.

But I have also thought about starting an Auto CAD business on the side with some contract work which I haven’t gotten off the ground due to these fears I have in not being able to do the job these engineering design firms give to me.It makes me wonder about my abilities and skills as an Auto CAD draftsman and it makes me wonder if I will be able to attract customers with these lack of skills I have since I haven’t been practicing for a while,a long while to say the least. 

But getting back to this Home Depot stuff,I think it will be a great opportunity for me to learn about home repairs and construction by working there since I have always been interested in learning how to make home repairs but for now I am going to end this entry off by saying that Home Depot would be an idea place to work but not only Home Depot,Lowe’s is another place that I am thinking of as well but Lowe’s isn’t anywhere around my area.So I am stuck with Home Depot. 

Well,that’s all for this month.See you in May.