The Flood

Back once again for this July.It has been a while since I blogged in here but the last two months have been crazy in Calgary.We just had a flood recently and most people of course had gotten evacuated from their homes.I am glad that I didn’t get affected by it but other areas in Alberta got flooded recently and they had to get evacuated from their homes as well.So it was not fun at all.And it was not only the house that got affected.It was pretty much the whole of downtown as well.Most people working in the downtown had to take a couple of days off work too and most buses and the C-Train didn’t run as well.So it was  pretty much a soaking festival for most people who had to drive to work.That was the time I was going to go downtown but had to postpone the trip since it was soaking wet. 

But now the floods have been under control and almost everything is back to normal with the exception of a few towns which were affected by the flood.High River is still flooded a bit but gradually it is getting back to normal.I thought for a moment that we weren’t going to have the Stampede but we are having it and it is on right now.Most houses though are being rebuilt and I would imagine too that a lot of architects will be busy regarding the rebuilding process of some residential and commercial areas which have been hit by the floods. 

Well,I hope things get better now since I have been lucky that my house didn’t get flooded.That was my blog for this month.Take care and I will be back in September.