Window Detail

Window Detail

Okay,I am making this picture as this months entry for my blog since I am out of topics to write about.I was going to write something earlier about home construction in my area but I got so tired and had to sleep.But I will say that there are a lot more homes that are being rebuilt or renovated around an area close to where I live.Not only that but there are more homes which are being put on the market after being renovated.So I am happy about that and I am happy with the fact that I got a drawing in here and published after almost a month.I should make it a point to get a drawing in every month or week.

But anyway,here is a drawing of a window and as you will notice that this window is different from the one I drew before for one of my assignments when I was in school.The one I drew for school is used for newer style homes while this one that I drew is used for older style homes which are rebuilt or renovated.You can see by the details here.So there you have it.

Well,take care and I will see you in November before the New Year.


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