Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!I know that I haven’t been here for a long while giving some news about real estate,construction and engineering but I am just not able to find much time to write these days since I have been busy with work and just maybe fooling around but since this is a bi monthly blog and I am writing in all my other blogs,I cannot be here everyday.But with the new year around,I will start posting more of my drawings and a bit of pictures of some building that are being built in Calgary now that I am starting to get my bearings back from all of the fog I have been in for the last couples of weeks.Which reminds me I should start looking for work in my field of Auto CAD since a lot of construction is going on in the city and maybe around the world.But to start things off this month I will post the first picture of some restaurant being built off an old Blockbuster Video store,which recently closed two years ago due to the company not being able to find a buyer. I will see if I am able to post it but if not then I am out of luck but I should be able to.If it succeeds then at least I know I had succeeded but if I don’t then I will probably just post it on the next entry this month.So then you will see two entries for the month of January.See you in March.



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