Heating And Plumbing Replacement

Just trying to get over what happened last night regarding that interaction with a friend.I merely wanted to say something and for some reason got the cold shoulder or some sort of freezing reaction from this person.I was trying to talk about something which had to do with Mexican girl who went to the school she teaches at but got cut off.Then suddenly I went to just eat my food and that was the end of it.Was I being disruptive?Did I say something out of context?Or did I interrupt her?It could be the latter since this friend and a family member wasn’t really interested in what I had to say.I guess it shows that I will have to make some new friends and just leave the old ones alone.I had the same reaction regarding that customer who came in to buy gas and I said something about her heritage which was sort of out of context and I ended up getting the cold shoulder for some reason.Maybe I come off too strong and aggressive when it comes to interactions and should maybe tone it down a bit but I find it hard at times.

Anyway,now that I got that off my chest I am going to talk about what is going on right now in the construction industry but this time from a personal level.Right now as you will see, I am getting a hot water tank and heater replaced this morning and I will post a picture at the end of this entry. But I will try and talk about the job just a bit.Right now some company is taking out the old hot water tank and heater and putting in new ones.Now I don’t know how they are going to be able to do that since there is a lot of hammering and drilling going on right now.So this is why I am wide awake right now writing this stuff and in a few minutes if there is time I am going to do a video or a couple of videos for my channels since it is that time again.But for now,I am just going to sit here for a while and wait for the workers to finish.I probably won’t be able to take a shower this morning due to the work that is being done with the hot water tank.The hot water tank controls most of the hot water that I use for my showers and baths so I am going to have to wait for them to be done.Of course I cannot forget the heater as well since that controls the amount of heat which comes into my house.So I guess that if both need to be replaced and I don’t know why that is,then I have to just wait until later to take my shower or take my shower at the gym since I will be going there this morning.

Well,I must be going now since it is getting late within this morning.This entry wasn’t really about construction but I did get to talk about what is going on regarding home renovations since my house has been getting renovation jobs for years and it is still getting renovations.But I should be back into the thick of things in two months from now.To end this entry off I will post some pics of my old hot water tank and heater and will post the new ones in May of this blog.Here is the picture.


See you in May.