Shopping Center Parking Lot Paved

Well,it has been a while since I have written anything here on this blog and I apologize for it.But with so many other things on my plate with regards to doing videos and writing in other blogs I cannot do this blog every day.Which is why I decided to make this blog bimonthly just so I can bide my time to give you the best.Now that I am here I am going to try and give you something that I just took last night with regards to construction and real estate.But mostly construction since some of that took place near my place of work.It has to do with some paving of a shopping center.Now as you all know,there has been some paving going on at this shopping center where I work and I managed to take some pictures of it.Now the pics are a little dime due to the fact that it was sunset and dark and with dark pics,they are very hard to see.I was going to take pics of the work site with the parking lot done when it was lighter but never really had the time. But here are some pics of the paved parking lot of this shopping center that I posted.   IMG01091-20140701-2303 IMG01092-20140701-2303


As you notice I am not able to get a clean shot due to the fact that it was late and I couldn’t get into this spot because it was blocked off.Maybe if time permits I might be able to get some pics of the finished project but that will be hard to do because this shopping center is always packed and busy.But seeing the parking lot in the light it got done well.I think that more sections need to be done but so far so good.I will try and keep you posted.

See you in September.


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