Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!I hope you guys had a great holiday season and Santa has been good to you and helped you find some way to grab and buy some real estate.It’s been a while since I have written anything about the real estate market and designing too.For the last few months I have been testing out some audio equipment since I have been thinking about starting a podcast in the future.I have been making some audio notes from my Blackberry phone and trying to find a way of converting them into MP3 files that I can use for a podcast and low and behold,I managed to find a website which does just that and I am happy about that.So I will be starting to make a podcast relating to Auto CAD,construction,technology and real estate for you. I managed to do just that on my other blog and it has worked.Even though I haven’t gotten any listeners and comments yet from outsider I am just happy with the process right now of uploading my own commentary and just enjoying the process.It would be nice though to be able upload my audio notes onto this blog because writing can be a bit time consuming and tedious but if not then I will continue to provide text in here.

But anyway,a lot has happened since I have written in here.A lot more houses have been going for sale and more rebuilding of old homes have been taking place near my area.Of course there was this whole debate on whether or not secondary suites should be built here in Calgary and sold to the public.They talked about this in the news and in some magazine about real estate which comes weekly.Now I didn’t quite read the whole article nor did I get to read it due to a lack of time.But I did manage to watch some of it in the local news networks and the city officials were debating on whether secondary suites should be built and some of them voted against building them.From my perspective I would have to say that they should be built because they make the homes more attractive and more salable.It raises the prices in homes so the home owners selling the house will get more for their money.That’s my take anyway but I would have to say that this issue will be ongoing until the city officials and the mayor of Calgary come to a solution.

Well,that’s all I have to say for now.Until then,I will see you in March.