Real Estate News

Yes,it’s that time again that I am having to write some stuff on real estate since so much has happened during the last two months I have been here.I had experienced more for sale signs out here in Calgary while driving around my neighborhood since oil and gas prices have been dropping which has caused a lot of houses to go up for sale after dropping in price.I am only going to see more of this since oil prices are not up to acceptable margins causing an uproar in businesses closing it’s doors and laying off it’s employees who often have to take pay or severance packages.So not much in my neck of the woods has happened with regards to drafting but in real estate a lot has.I am imagining too that the same scenario is being played out in the USA too with their problems in dealing with these low oil prices.A lot of realtors are probably going through a lot of stress in trying to maintain housing prices as well while making money for themselves in the process but housing in the USA is cheaper than here in Canada.So I don’t know why real estate seems to be a problem despite dropping in oil prices.

I am also seeing a drop in oil and gas projects due to the low oil prices.A lot of companies are reducing their spending on projects and laying off their workers too.So much for the economy improving or coming back to normal as the media claims.I am seeing some parts of the economy never coming back to normal or if it does come back then the numbers won’t be back to normal with regards to pricing or employment numbers.I will also be seeing more for sale signs out there in the area where I live due to people trying to sell their properties just so they can make money due to their job loss.

Well,that’s my commentary for this month.Take care and see you in May.