Back Again

Yes,I am back once again here and I must say that a lot has gone on since the two months I have written here.It seems to me that time goes by so fast without realizing it.Anyway, I hope that I haven’t lost any steps in writing because I have been doing a whole lot of podcasting with regards to talking about real estate and other things related to the construction industry. Which reminds me I have to start doing some real estate podcasts since it has been a long while that I did any.It is just that I have been busy with work and other things that I haven’t been able to talk on my recorder or write any articles in my other blog or post or upload any drawings in here.

But here has what happen while I was away from here. A couple of houses have been built in my area and another one is under construction which I will probably take a picture of and post on my Twitter page and maybe here if I come back here.Another thing that has happened which I am not very happy about is the fact that I am not able to install Auto CAD 2000 on my new computer that I have gotten a month ago.So I haven’t been able to do any new drawings as of late.I have tried to install Auto CAD 2007 on this computer but it didn’t accept it due to the newer version of Windows that I have been trying to get used to.So I wasn’t very happy with that and I am stuck with the fact that I am going to have to get newer versions of Auto CAD and start using them for my work because I have been itching to get drawing again and my skill I think have been somewhat rusty.

Well,that’s all for now as I am short on time and just having to do other things.Take care and see you in September.