Back Again With That House Being Built On Some Old Plot

Hello once again here. I am back with another bimonthly entry for this blog. Now two months ago I think I talked a bit about the real estate market and home renovations and said that there were a whole lot of projects going on regarding home renovation and real estate.Also there was a house that I took a picture of in the area I live in, in which they took an old house off the plot and build a new one with the three car garage already at the back. Before it was a bungalow and they have built a two storey home there. It is the third house being built after the previous two I talked about in the Glamorgan area.

Now that I see it’s almost done I will post the picture in this blog for this month that I took with my phone. It looks very nice with some old architecture and I would have to say that someone will probably move in right away rather than put it up for sale. I hope that it goes up for sale but that would be hard to do since the real estate market is hot right now in Calgary and there are people looking for places to live I would say that it will probably be taken by some anxious buyers.

Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say at this time. I will have to put in more AutoCAD stuff in here since this is a CADD blog but I will put more real estate stuff in here too.

Here is the picture of the house and I will see you in July.



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