Real Estate, Auto CAD And Construction Notes

Well, back here once again to bring you another entry from this site since it has been so long.Two months seems long to me to write anything about the CAD Industry, construction and real estate and a lot has happened the two months I have been away from here. I managed to install an Auto CAD program onto this laptop but it’s not the full version of Auto CAD I have installed in here. It’s the light version that I installed and the educational version. The full version I found out from Auto desk is still highly priced which will take a lot of money if any individual or business wants to purchase the program.

Luckily if anyone is able to get the program for free for a certain amount of time will have to sign up for the Light version depending on how long Autodesk sets the terms. But it will be good to get if anyone wants to practice Auto CAD. With that being said something else has occurred while I was gone from this site. I managed to ride my bike to some areas which home building and renovations have really taken place.In Lakeview most houses are being rebuilt and renovated highly. I managed to take a peak while I was riding my bike.I don’t know what is going on but I would say that most home owners are either just renovating because they want to change the looks of their homes or they are just doing it because they have the money to do it.

But either way, it’s nice that the city of Calgary has money because if they didn’t these projects wouldn’t exist.Also I want to say that both Canada Day and Independence Day have people who are not only rebuilding,renovating, selling and buying homes but I have seen some real estate magazines get bigger as well because during the economic meltdown from years ago I have seen real estate magazines get smaller and smaller due to the real estate market being affected in a major way. Now that the magazines have gotten bigger this tells me that the market has gotten better.

Anyway, I will end this entry at that and come back in September. Take care.


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