Construction Notes

Back again here and it has been a long while since I have written in here. It seems like forever that I haven’t been looking for any construction projects in the city since hearing all this talk about the economy and its impact on the construction industry. But going to a friends house almost two years ago made me realize that most of the economy in Calgary isn’t majorly affected because I saw housing construction in the northern part of the city and some buildings going up.Which made me realize that just because one part of the city is affected doesn’t mean that the whole city is affected.

Some sectors have been going on and are progressing in a way while only one sector, the petroleum industry is affected with layoffs and cutbacks in its projects. So, there is some inconsistencies in most economic and business reports that I have been reading and hearing about. Housing construction in some parts are increasing with new homes being built in the inner cities. Like one house that I have been eying in my neighborhood for sometime. It’s a two story home which is being built by some home building company after tearing down two small homes. The house will contain a whole lot of features including a triple detached garage. I will see if I can get a picture of it and maybe post it in here but due to time constraints I haven’t been able to get a pic. But when construction is finished it will look very nice. Can hardly wait to see it.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this month, I apologize for not writing earlier this month. Just haven’t been able to get to this blog at the time. But I will start writing earlier two months from now. See you in May!

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