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Good morning.Now it’s very early in the morning and I don’t normally write at this time but I have videos and another blog to write in a couple of hours from now. So I am making this time right now to talk about what has happened the last few months that I have been gone from this site. So I will just get to it. Anyway, I have seen evidence of what this economy in Calgary has done to the whole housing market. It has driven prices either sky high or have sunk them. So now buying a house is somewhat impossible since the demand isn’t there while the supply is higher than expected.

Now I have driven through my neighborhood and I have been seeing a lot more For Sale signs than I have been used to since living in this city from way back in the 1980s  to right until now. I think that we are going to see a lot more people just walk away from their homes and forget about paying their mortgages to the bank because this has been the worst recession that anyone has really seen. Hopefully things really do pick up business wise but that isn’t happening anytime soon because according to some economists it will take another couple of years before things return back to normal.Another words, things will not be normal until the year 2020 or 2021. So it seems that the economy and the housing market will be unchanged in the next few years.

But still, residential and commercial buildings are being built almost everyday here in Calgary. So there is some hope for us to even achieve financial prosperity but the way things right now with the oil price and having my money being spent most of the time. I will have to find a way for money to come to me even though this is an impossible goal in itself.

That’s all for now. I will be back in May.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year guys and gals!! Another year has come to us right now and so far the news out in the construction industry and real estate market hasn’t been very good in Calgary. We are not only dealing with the low oil prices but we are also dealing with the drop in real estate with regards to housing prices. Housing prices have been taking a beating which means the houses for sale are selling at very low prices and the owners aren’t getting much money for them. With unemployment rising and businesses not hiring residential real estate has been taking a beating along with commercial since most businesses are shutting their doors and deciding to leave the city. So construction and real estate has been somewhat slow. Although I have to say that there are some people still buying houses and finding jobs in construction since there are still projects going on but this year I have to say that it is going to be very slow and it will not get any better.

But I do have some great news for this blog and readers out there. I managed to get a brand new phone which has a built in High Definition camera which takes great pictures since the images are sharper than the one I had. Another words I got an Iphone for Christmas which I will be using to take some pictures of home building going on in my area and I will likely post them in this blog if I can get it working. I would like to get into the habit of posting videos in  here too if I am able to do it but posting videos here in WordPress seems difficult.But I will post them on my Tumblr blog. So you guys will definitely see more pics and videos in both blogs if I am able to get to it.But I will be able to take some great pics on this phone since it is a lot clearer than the Blackberry.

But anyway, it is great to be blogging again here with this announcement since I have been taking some time off with regards to the Christmas season and I hope you guys have had a very good Christmas. All the best this 2016 and the slowdown in real estate. Oh did I mention tax season too?

Take care and see you in March.


Some News Regarding AutoCAD And Some Construction Notes

Good morning. It has been a long while since I have written in here and I am having this negative feeling that I have been ignoring this site and for that I want to apologize.Anyways, it seems that another year has come and gone because I will not be writing in this blog until January of next year in which the Olympics will be shown to the world and of course we cannot forget tax season is approaching. So for all of you guys who want to be in good terms with Uncle Sam and Uncle Canuck,then all of you should have your papers ready because you will only have a few months to get your paperwork ready before filing. Which reminds me I have to find a way to get into my company account since I will need a particular slip in getting my taxes done.Of course even construction and real estate companies have to deal with taxes as well because they will need to figure out how much to pay their employees when they have their figures.

But anyway, I took a picture of this house which you will probably find interesting and I will post it at the end of this entry if I am able to upload it because uploading pics on this site seems tricky.But I will lay this news to you. It has been a very long while since I have done any AutoCAD and I am going crazy right now in not being able to do it but I will see if I am able to post my old AutoCAD program on my computer now that I have Windows 10 Operating System in here.So I will check it out and see,although I am guaranteeing that it will work but doesn’t hurt to try because I have been eager to start drawing again and I don’t have any other new versions on this system but I will try some trial versions since by next year Autodesk will probably end up making AutoCAD 2017.But overall, it’s not going to be any different from all of the other AutoCADs I have been using.

Well that’s all I have to say for now and the year since I will be on holidays next month in BC.Have a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2016!!!

By the way,here’s a picture of that house that I wanted to show you which is being built.


Real Estate Report

Good morning I am back  here once again and I want to tell you that a lot has happened with the last two months I have been gone.There are couple of houses under construction which I was going to take pics of buy never had the chance to do it.Like there was this house near me which I thought I snapped a pic of but to my amazement I never took it since I wasn’t able to locate it in any of my files on my removable drives.But I wanted to say that there has been some progress made with the construction of the house.

But anyways speaking of houses,real estate has been down a bit with regards to sales since the economy is in a big recession and people have been losing their jobs and have had to put their houses up for sale.In fact oil prices have been down and I have to tell you that things are about to get worse in Calgary and maybe around the world because I have just heard word that China and Brazil have been suffering too and I have also been hearing that the USA is experiencing a real slow down due to oil prices as they are.So as I have seen in the last few months I have been gone from here the real estate market has been at a standstill but construction of residential and commercial properties have been at a all time high. Even real estate is suffering in the USA but not as frequent as I have seen here in Canada.But here in Calgary things have gotten worse in the housing market.

So it looks like even though construction has been going on here with regards to housing construction,the buyer ship hasn’t been high and with the low oil prices as they are this trend is going to increase.In fact I have been looking in this website which has houses,the houses I saw were still there on the site.So that has to tell you what the real estate market is like right now.It’s not good.

Well,that was my report for now and I will write another one two months from now just before I go out of town for Christmas. See you then.

Back Again

Yes,I am back once again here and I must say that a lot has gone on since the two months I have written here.It seems to me that time goes by so fast without realizing it.Anyway, I hope that I haven’t lost any steps in writing because I have been doing a whole lot of podcasting with regards to talking about real estate and other things related to the construction industry. Which reminds me I have to start doing some real estate podcasts since it has been a long while that I did any.It is just that I have been busy with work and other things that I haven’t been able to talk on my recorder or write any articles in my other blog or post or upload any drawings in here.

But here has what happen while I was away from here. A couple of houses have been built in my area and another one is under construction which I will probably take a picture of and post on my Twitter page and maybe here if I come back here.Another thing that has happened which I am not very happy about is the fact that I am not able to install Auto CAD 2000 on my new computer that I have gotten a month ago.So I haven’t been able to do any new drawings as of late.I have tried to install Auto CAD 2007 on this computer but it didn’t accept it due to the newer version of Windows that I have been trying to get used to.So I wasn’t very happy with that and I am stuck with the fact that I am going to have to get newer versions of Auto CAD and start using them for my work because I have been itching to get drawing again and my skill I think have been somewhat rusty.

Well,that’s all for now as I am short on time and just having to do other things.Take care and see you in September.

Real Estate And Renovation Notes In Calgary

Good morning.Another weekend and another month has come to us once again.It has been a long while since I have written anything about the construction industry.I don’t come here very often since this is a bimonthly blog that I keep and I am finding out that I am getting some viewers and visitors which is good and I should turn this blog into a monthly journal about the construction industry and real estate but I don’t since I am busy trying to get some ideas as to what to put here.But these stories should be good as to what I am going to tell you here.First off I have been spending the last two months driving around the neighborhood looking for some houses that I have been put for sale here in Calgary and I have to say that there have been more for sale signs put up than I have seen before during the last few months since lately oil prices have taken a real nose dive which has caused a major uproar in commercial real estate becoming vacant.I don’t know how these landlords are going to be able to make their money with companies moving out of the downtown area. Of course this is spreading wide over to residential real estate since there are more houses for sale than ever before.

This is one of the reasons why that the renovation industry has increased due to the slowdown.More people are choosing to renovate their homes rather than deal with the expense of buying a house and then paying mortgage on it. This of course has created more renovation jobs and work for people who want to learn how to make home improvements.This trend will continue throughout 2018 or if and when the oil prices turn to normal.But a couple of years seems like a lot if you really think about it.

Well,that’s all for this month and I will see you in July.

Real Estate News

Yes,it’s that time again that I am having to write some stuff on real estate since so much has happened during the last two months I have been here.I had experienced more for sale signs out here in Calgary while driving around my neighborhood since oil and gas prices have been dropping which has caused a lot of houses to go up for sale after dropping in price.I am only going to see more of this since oil prices are not up to acceptable margins causing an uproar in businesses closing it’s doors and laying off it’s employees who often have to take pay or severance packages.So not much in my neck of the woods has happened with regards to drafting but in real estate a lot has.I am imagining too that the same scenario is being played out in the USA too with their problems in dealing with these low oil prices.A lot of realtors are probably going through a lot of stress in trying to maintain housing prices as well while making money for themselves in the process but housing in the USA is cheaper than here in Canada.So I don’t know why real estate seems to be a problem despite dropping in oil prices.

I am also seeing a drop in oil and gas projects due to the low oil prices.A lot of companies are reducing their spending on projects and laying off their workers too.So much for the economy improving or coming back to normal as the media claims.I am seeing some parts of the economy never coming back to normal or if it does come back then the numbers won’t be back to normal with regards to pricing or employment numbers.I will also be seeing more for sale signs out there in the area where I live due to people trying to sell their properties just so they can make money due to their job loss.

Well,that’s my commentary for this month.Take care and see you in May.