Real Estate Report

Welcome back to you all!It’s hard to believe that we are already in the month of March and it is the first day too.Now a lot has happened during the last two months I have been gone from this site.This one house in my neighborhood is just about finished and I will see if I am able to get some pictures of it. If not then that is alright too.I will just write about it in the next two months.Anyway, I have been driving around the neighborhood and more houses have been put up for sale since I am thinking that people are either selling their homes to move into smaller homes or they’re just walking away from their properties due to the fact that the economy is so bad to the point that they’re not able to make their mortgage payments.

Anyway, I did manage to do  watch some news reports on the whole real estate market in Canada.In fact, it has been a couple of days ago during my day off from the gas bar.It was on CBC News and maybe some other stations.But mainly on CBC News.They talked about comparisons in which cities have the cheapest houses and they named Edmonton, Halifax and some other cities in Saskatchewan, Ontario and Manitoba. Other provinces they named too which are too numerous to name.Another words cities that are cheaper than Toronto and Vancouver which are very expensive.Victoria I suspect is expensive as well since the city is close to Vancouver and is in the same province of BC.Even though some cities in Canada are cheaper than others I would have to say that the prices I saw are still expensive because they’re in the six digits.While houses in the U.S. costs less than here since the price range in the U.S is sitting in the five digit range.

Well,that’s pretty much all I have for this period since this blog continues to be written on a bimonthly basis.So I will be back in May!!


Happy New Year/Housing Sales During The Carbon Tax Policy/Bathroom Renovations

Happy New Year to you guys and gals out there who are following my blog.It has been a while since I had written in here.In fact it has been two months ago that I have written anything in here.Now that the Christmas season is gone I am going to be focusing more on writing about real estates and properties since I think that the real estate season has arrived to us this winter.It seems to me that the more I drive through my neighborhood the more properties I am seeing being put up for sale in Calgary.

Of course along with residential and commercial properties going up for sale,tax season has hit us once again and it is going to be interesting to see if any properties sell during this policy that the government has passed. The Carbon Tax policy has been passed and made law and I am curious to find out in this new year whether or not the policy will affect the housing market because from what I have read from some sources the cost of living will go up regarding goods and services.And if the cost of living goes up then I think in a way the price of housing will rise too.

But that remains to be seen.Moving forward here,I want to talk about what went down the last two months I was gone from this site.My house went through some home renovations since the two months I had written in here.I just had my bathtub replaced and I will show you the pics from the old bathtub to the process of work being done in it and the finished product.So there isn’t much for me to say other than the fact that the work went a lot smoother than I had anticipated with the exception of having to use the gym to take my showers which was a bit of a hassle.But I managed to do it while the work was done and now things are better.I guess it pays to maintain an old house because like our bodies homes age too.

Anyway I will end this off by saying that I was thinking about posting in here on a monthly basis just to keep this blog up to date but for now I will keep this bimonthly since there are times when I am not able to find time to write in here everyday.Bye the way,here are the pics.Take care and I will once again see you next or two months from now.






More News Regarding Currie Barracks

Back again for this first day of November and I have to say that I have been urging to get back onto this blog because two months seems a long time to be absent from a blog as practical as this.I was thinking of writing in this blog everyday but with other blogs that I am eyeing it is a hard task for me to do.So I will keep this as a bimonthly blog and see where it leads me. Then I will see if I am able to write in here everyday because it seems to be getting some views and followers.Most views from here in Canada since it’s where I live. But I am getting views from India,Japan,the United States and amazingly Venezuela. So to all the readers out there I appreciate the recognition and views.Thank you!!

Now for some news.I managed to get some pictures of the site in the new area of Currie Barracks and I will post them here. Anyway,talking about this.I did manage to get pics of the construction site in which they are going to put new homes and other building.Although it looks good they still haven’t torn the other buildings down yet. I wonder what’s taking them so long because I am eager to see what it will look like with the new homes being planted there.It’s not just the homes that are going to be built there. There will be new buildings there that people can work and entertain in.The type of buildings that are going to be there I will never know.I have to wait and find out.But I looked at the website they have and the layout as to where everything is going to be and I have to say that it will look nice and a bit urban.Another words,it will look like another downtown but in the suburbs.None the less it is in Calgary and people working as professional will not have to commute to downtown as much as they use to.They can work in these offices close to their homes.

So,that’s pretty much all I have to say for the last entry of 2016.Take care and have a very happy holiday season and see you in 2017.

Here are the pics I talked about today.

Almost Forgot About This Blog

Alright, I almost forgot about this blog since I have been busy writing in other blogs and doing other things. This life online can be quite hectic if you really think about it because it is the constant work of keeping your brand updated as possible because there are people who will constantly get bored if you don’t post anything new and this blog that I have had for a while is no exception. But so far this year I haven’t had any new visitors and that’s pretty bad because it would have been nice to get some viewers on here but so far this year no audience. Regardless though I am still going to write in here as much as I can and with the time I have even if it takes me three months to come back here since this blog is only bimonthly and I don’t really write in here everyday. Although it would be nice to do that.

But anyway, switching to homes and real estate, I just haven’t been able to get any pictures of any new homes being build in Calgary because of some privacy issues these realtors have with regards to homes and the tenants moving into them. But I will say this though that I have been driving around the city and I have been looking into most neighborhoods and I must say that they are still building and renovating as usual.In fact one area is really building a lot of new homes and have torn down a lot of old building to pave the way for new homes. So one part of the economy isn’t doing very bad despite the low old prices which has really cancelled a lot of projects in the oil field. Of course I know one town that will need constant rebuilding and that’s Fort Mac Murray. A couple of days ago you may have heard that the town had a real wildfire causing most buildings to burn to a crisp and businesses to close their doors due to the evacuation of people.It will take a whole lot of rebuilding to make Fort Mac Murray normal again and of course a lot of money too. Hopefully, they can get their economy up and running again.

Well, that’s all for real estate and construction news for now, I will see you in July and this time I will remind myself to write at the beginning of the month.

Commercial Real Estate Report

It’s time for another entry once again on real estate and drafting.It’s about the year end and I would like to get this off my chest if I can.November has come to us once again and I would like to talk a bit about real estate in Calgary.It has to do with commercial real estate which is located in the NE of the city.I just read that they are going to refurnish or renovate Deerfoot Mall.Now I haven’t been to the mall in ages nor have I been there.I have been to almost every shopping mall in the city.I have been to Chinook Center many times.I have been to Market Mall,Sunridge Mall,SouthCentre Mall and other shopping centers but I have yet to go to Crossiron Mills near Balzac which has opened in either 2011 or 2012,one of those years.I have yet to go there and see the shops.

But overall,I think that there will be a very big demand for commercial retail in the future especially in shopping malls because there will be more people coming to Calgary to do a whole lot of shopping and other things.But what I really want to see is Deerfoot Mall since I haven’t been to that mall yet.Anyway,Chinook Centre has done with their expanding because they have already opened some new stores last year especially with that department store which has replaces Sears. Nordstrom replaced Sears since Sears filed for bankruptcy protection sometime ago which has caused them to cut its entire workforce and close a couple of their stores. Nordstrom,I wonder how they are going to do when they are there.Hopefully they do well since they seem like a pretty good company.

Now,I had just taken a picture of that renovated KFC which has been finished and I was going to post it on this site but I will post it next year since I had to get this news out about the commercial real estate market.The residential market has been going strong in Calgary since oil money has been the difference and other things.But commercial real estate has been taking off in recent weeks especially in areas where residents live since most companies which have been operating downtown are finding out that they’re paying a lot of money in rent downtown causing them to move their business operations into the residential areas.Next year in 2015 we might even see more business make this move since office rent in downtown Calgary is high.

Anyway,that’s all for this entry and this blog for the year.I will be back but in the meantime,have yourselves a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2015.

Back Again With Some Construction News From My World

Welcome back to this blog once again.It has been a long while since I have written anything in here related to construction and real estate.Right about now I will be heading out soon to the gym to get a workout.But I just want to get this off my chest before heading out.It has to do with the way the real estate market has been going.There are still a whole lot of houses going on sale and a whole lot of buildings which are going up.In fact,near my house I am seeing a whole lot of construction going on regarding residential homes.But what I would really like to pay more attention to is commercial real estate which has skyrocketed here in Calgary. I have been downtown a couple of times and I have to say that a lot of buildings are going up.I will have to read more about that.Construction in Calgary has been keeping me occupied mentally but I have been having a hard time trying to keep up because I am constantly working most of the time.Maybe if I do read more of the Calgary Real Estate News then I will be able to keep up with the frantic pace of the whole building construction industry.But I will have to say for this month that I have been doing some reading on real estate,commercial real estate on this globe.But the buildings haven’t been taking place in Calgary.They have been taking place in Africa particularly East Africa in which I am witnessing more shopping malls going up.Of course I have to say the same for West Africa since with the Accra Shopping Center in Ghana.

Well,I have to end this entry by saying that I want to let everyone know that I have been keeping up with my reading regarding the construction industry but due to time constrains it has been a slow process for me.But gradually I will start once again but it will be a hard process because I have been looking for a job in this field but it has been hard because of a lack of experience in construction especially the designing aspects of the construction industry. I am doing all I can but it is a hard process.I would have to talk about in this blog,about the lack of minorities in the construction industry because I am always seeing things from the white perspective.I hardly hear anything about black people or people of color in the construction industry. 

See you in November.


The Flood

Back once again for this July.It has been a while since I blogged in here but the last two months have been crazy in Calgary.We just had a flood recently and most people of course had gotten evacuated from their homes.I am glad that I didn’t get affected by it but other areas in Alberta got flooded recently and they had to get evacuated from their homes as well.So it was not fun at all.And it was not only the house that got affected.It was pretty much the whole of downtown as well.Most people working in the downtown had to take a couple of days off work too and most buses and the C-Train didn’t run as well.So it was  pretty much a soaking festival for most people who had to drive to work.That was the time I was going to go downtown but had to postpone the trip since it was soaking wet. 

But now the floods have been under control and almost everything is back to normal with the exception of a few towns which were affected by the flood.High River is still flooded a bit but gradually it is getting back to normal.I thought for a moment that we weren’t going to have the Stampede but we are having it and it is on right now.Most houses though are being rebuilt and I would imagine too that a lot of architects will be busy regarding the rebuilding process of some residential and commercial areas which have been hit by the floods. 

Well,I hope things get better now since I have been lucky that my house didn’t get flooded.That was my blog for this month.Take care and I will be back in September.