Happy New Year/Housing Sales During The Carbon Tax Policy/Bathroom Renovations

Happy New Year to you guys and gals out there who are following my blog.It has been a while since I had written in here.In fact it has been two months ago that I have written anything in here.Now that the Christmas season is gone I am going to be focusing more on writing about real estates and properties since I think that the real estate season has arrived to us this winter.It seems to me that the more I drive through my neighborhood the more properties I am seeing being put up for sale in Calgary.

Of course along with residential and commercial properties going up for sale,tax season has hit us once again and it is going to be interesting to see if any properties sell during this policy that the government has passed. The Carbon Tax policy has been passed and made law and I am curious to find out in this new year whether or not the policy will affect the housing market because from what I have read from some sources the cost of living will go up regarding goods and services.And if the cost of living goes up then I think in a way the price of housing will rise too.

But that remains to be seen.Moving forward here,I want to talk about what went down the last two months I was gone from this site.My house went through some home renovations since the two months I had written in here.I just had my bathtub replaced and I will show you the pics from the old bathtub to the process of work being done in it and the finished product.So there isn’t much for me to say other than the fact that the work went a lot smoother than I had anticipated with the exception of having to use the gym to take my showers which was a bit of a hassle.But I managed to do it while the work was done and now things are better.I guess it pays to maintain an old house because like our bodies homes age too.

Anyway I will end this off by saying that I was thinking about posting in here on a monthly basis just to keep this blog up to date but for now I will keep this bimonthly since there are times when I am not able to find time to write in here everyday.Bye the way,here are the pics.Take care and I will once again see you next or two months from now.







Newly Built Homes Replacing Old Ones In Old Community

Another September has come to us once again here and a lot has occurred during the last two months I have been away from this blog.I have seen more residential construction in the last two months and so far even more home renovations take place. In fact, I was going to take a picture of one renovating project going on around my area and post it on here but due to privacy reasons I decided to decline on it. But I did manage to get a picture of a house taken away with the plot empty and the triple attached garage left alone and I will try and see if I can post it on this blog at the end of this entry.

In the meantime I want to talk about some trend which is going on in the home construction industry which I have been thinking about and reading for sometime. It is about building brand new homes after taking out the old homes from their plot/land. Some business has been pulling old homes out of the areas and just building new homes using the old foundation and for this business things have been booming for them. So much for the slowdown in the economy. Anyway, the process is started by the customer buying the old home and then taking the home off the plot and putting it onto the truck trailer and then carrying the home to the area where the customer lives. Then I think some home contractors then maybe pave the ground or just rebuild the basement in order for the new house to be constructed. The new house will be a great addition to the triple garage which is located at the back. Some company did this to one house which use to have an old house built there and there is another one which has just about almost built which use to have an old house and to my knowledge they probably tore down the garage too.

So, a lot of new homes are just being rebuilt on old plots in most old communities in Calgary and not only being built in new communities because that is where new homes are now being built since city officials want to stretch out the city which makes it harder for home builders and contractors to maintain and renovate old homes. Calgary just keeps getting bigger since more people are moving into the city and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same procedure is occurring in Edmonton and other major cities in North America.

Well, I will end this entry by putting a picture I took of some plot that I spoke about earlier in which a new home will be built. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a good shot of it since I was sitting in my truck. But none the less, it’s a pic.


See you in November.


Home Construction/Renovation News

Good morning. Back again after the holiday rhetoric celebrating both Canada Day and Independence Day with today’s report that I am going to write about. Anyway, I have to say that this house that has been built way back in the 1950’s has been bought. I don’t think that I talked about this before and I am sorry for that but I was busy and didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it to put it in this blog. Anyway, the house is an old bungalow in Rutland Park built I think in 1954 with an old kitchen and a triple detached garage. That property has been sitting there for weeks and weeks.Then finally someone found the money to buy it and is now renovating it. I think that the owners are going to renovate and either live in it or sell the property to someone else and make the money for themselves. I say this because the owners have already started work on it because the garage doors on the garage have been replace with new doors and the outside of the house has been done. It will be interesting to see what the new owners do on the inside of the house because I think that the kitchen the last time I saw it had some old style oven and some old cabinets which needed to be replaced. So I am curious to see what the house looks likes when it’s finished.

Anyway, more houses are on the market here in Calgary and I have to say that as I write this housing costs I think are going down a bit and sales are probably dropping since the oil prices have really lowered making it impossible for anyone to buy and sell their properties. So people are staying put and spending some extra money they have to renovate their homes and I am still seeing a whole lot of homes being renovated near where I live while at the same time seeing some homes being built in the inner communities in Calgary. There is this house which is being built in a quiet section of some neighborhood I used to live in is being built from scratch since the old house has either been torn down or have just been bought by some customer and taken somewhere else. And home building in other areas are occurring too. So the building industry is alive and well along with real estate as well.

Anyway, that’s all for this month and hopefully things go well for you readers out there.

Take care and see you in September.

Real Estate And Renovation Notes In Calgary

Good morning.Another weekend and another month has come to us once again.It has been a long while since I have written anything about the construction industry.I don’t come here very often since this is a bimonthly blog that I keep and I am finding out that I am getting some viewers and visitors which is good and I should turn this blog into a monthly journal about the construction industry and real estate but I don’t since I am busy trying to get some ideas as to what to put here.But these stories should be good as to what I am going to tell you here.First off I have been spending the last two months driving around the neighborhood looking for some houses that I have been put for sale here in Calgary and I have to say that there have been more for sale signs put up than I have seen before during the last few months since lately oil prices have taken a real nose dive which has caused a major uproar in commercial real estate becoming vacant.I don’t know how these landlords are going to be able to make their money with companies moving out of the downtown area. Of course this is spreading wide over to residential real estate since there are more houses for sale than ever before.

This is one of the reasons why that the renovation industry has increased due to the slowdown.More people are choosing to renovate their homes rather than deal with the expense of buying a house and then paying mortgage on it. This of course has created more renovation jobs and work for people who want to learn how to make home improvements.This trend will continue throughout 2018 or if and when the oil prices turn to normal.But a couple of years seems like a lot if you really think about it.

Well,that’s all for this month and I will see you in July.

Heating And Plumbing Replacement

Just trying to get over what happened last night regarding that interaction with a friend.I merely wanted to say something and for some reason got the cold shoulder or some sort of freezing reaction from this person.I was trying to talk about something which had to do with Mexican girl who went to the school she teaches at but got cut off.Then suddenly I went to just eat my food and that was the end of it.Was I being disruptive?Did I say something out of context?Or did I interrupt her?It could be the latter since this friend and a family member wasn’t really interested in what I had to say.I guess it shows that I will have to make some new friends and just leave the old ones alone.I had the same reaction regarding that customer who came in to buy gas and I said something about her heritage which was sort of out of context and I ended up getting the cold shoulder for some reason.Maybe I come off too strong and aggressive when it comes to interactions and should maybe tone it down a bit but I find it hard at times.

Anyway,now that I got that off my chest I am going to talk about what is going on right now in the construction industry but this time from a personal level.Right now as you will see, I am getting a hot water tank and heater replaced this morning and I will post a picture at the end of this entry. But I will try and talk about the job just a bit.Right now some company is taking out the old hot water tank and heater and putting in new ones.Now I don’t know how they are going to be able to do that since there is a lot of hammering and drilling going on right now.So this is why I am wide awake right now writing this stuff and in a few minutes if there is time I am going to do a video or a couple of videos for my channels since it is that time again.But for now,I am just going to sit here for a while and wait for the workers to finish.I probably won’t be able to take a shower this morning due to the work that is being done with the hot water tank.The hot water tank controls most of the hot water that I use for my showers and baths so I am going to have to wait for them to be done.Of course I cannot forget the heater as well since that controls the amount of heat which comes into my house.So I guess that if both need to be replaced and I don’t know why that is,then I have to just wait until later to take my shower or take my shower at the gym since I will be going there this morning.

Well,I must be going now since it is getting late within this morning.This entry wasn’t really about construction but I did get to talk about what is going on regarding home renovations since my house has been getting renovation jobs for years and it is still getting renovations.But I should be back into the thick of things in two months from now.To end this entry off I will post some pics of my old hot water tank and heater and will post the new ones in May of this blog.Here is the picture.


See you in May.

Window Detail

Window Detail

Okay,I am making this picture as this months entry for my blog since I am out of topics to write about.I was going to write something earlier about home construction in my area but I got so tired and had to sleep.But I will say that there are a lot more homes that are being rebuilt or renovated around an area close to where I live.Not only that but there are more homes which are being put on the market after being renovated.So I am happy about that and I am happy with the fact that I got a drawing in here and published after almost a month.I should make it a point to get a drawing in every month or week.

But anyway,here is a drawing of a window and as you will notice that this window is different from the one I drew before for one of my assignments when I was in school.The one I drew for school is used for newer style homes while this one that I drew is used for older style homes which are rebuilt or renovated.You can see by the details here.So there you have it.

Well,take care and I will see you in November before the New Year.

Thinking About Home Depot

I am just here right now trying to collect my thoughts while I write this stuff down here on this blog.I am just here trying to decide on whether or not it;s worth getting a job at Home Depot to counter the gas bar job I am working at because from what I have seen speaking to my coworker who applied at that company it seems like a very good company to work for.I will see what jobs they have today and find out if they are good because I have always had a knack for tools and a real interest on how to make home repairs which most people don’t want to think about when owning a home.But I think that it is essential that we learn how to do some home repairs because it comes in handy just in case something breaks down.It also helps us to save money since we tend to call some expert who knows how to do these repairs or we just tend to move into a better home with a higher mortgage rate and that in itself could be a problem too.With my Auto CAD background and a bit of knowledge of carpentry I might be able to score a job with Home Depot.Although I must admit that I have read some bad things about them years ago due to some safety issues with the working conditions,which made me think twice about apply there for a job,I am pretty sure that they have all their workers trained for safety too.Another concern is the pay which isn’t very good to start with.But I guess that’s how it is there and I will send in an application.

But I have also thought about starting an Auto CAD business on the side with some contract work which I haven’t gotten off the ground due to these fears I have in not being able to do the job these engineering design firms give to me.It makes me wonder about my abilities and skills as an Auto CAD draftsman and it makes me wonder if I will be able to attract customers with these lack of skills I have since I haven’t been practicing for a while,a long while to say the least. 

But getting back to this Home Depot stuff,I think it will be a great opportunity for me to learn about home repairs and construction by working there since I have always been interested in learning how to make home repairs but for now I am going to end this entry off by saying that Home Depot would be an idea place to work but not only Home Depot,Lowe’s is another place that I am thinking of as well but Lowe’s isn’t anywhere around my area.So I am stuck with Home Depot. 

Well,that’s all for this month.See you in May.