Low Views/Real Estate Notes

Back again here and I apologize for the late entry since I normally write in this blog in the mornings on a bi-monthly basis but I just haven’t been able to get to it. Now for the time being I have been checking my stats on this blog and they haven’t been that good because from what I have been seeing I haven’t gotten any new views on here and that is somewhat of a concern because I have had this blog for a while and I have been trying to update it often but with other blogs I have it has been hard to update on this one on a consistent basis. Maybe I should try and put more recent news on here and put more color pictures of homes being built in the Calgary area and then I might be able to boost my views on this site.

With that said, I am going to talk a bit about the housing market which has been boosted in some areas of Calgary while in some areas they have slowed down. Some houses in my area that are for sale and one of them I should have taken a picture of since it is a very nice house which has been built in the 1950’s and has been on the market for sometime now since no one has bought the property yet. It is a one and half store home which has a lot of old fixtures in it with some bedrooms and no garage but it has potential to be built with either a double or triple garage depending on the renovators plans and goals.

I wish that I had taken the picture of the house and then posted it on here in this blog but I figured that if the pictures of the house are on some website then you guys should be able to look at it yourselves but in case you don’t find it I will post the link at the bottom of the page. So in closing here is the link of the page of the house.


Take care and I will be back in July.



Real Estate Notes On Vancouver And Calgary

Okay, I am wondering how I can start out this month on this blog? Well for the last few months I have been talking about the real estate industry in Calgary and how it has slowed down a bit due to the economy. Now in Vancouver there has been a slowdown too due to the prices of the houses. I have read in some reports that the prices are so high in the city that people have started to vacate their homes and not coming back to them. I will have to get more info from this You Tuber named Mike Martins and find out what the low down is in Vancouver, BC and whether or not the trend of people leaving their homes is true due the housing market and its prices.

Okay, about Calgary. There has been a real slowdown because a few houses still have for sale signs while some houses have been sold to the highest bidder. It will be interesting to see how long they stay in these homes because from what I have seen there are some real estate developers who have bought homes only to sell them again. That is after they have fixed them up or renovated them and then raised the price on the property. I bet that in some areas some houses have been bought and then renovated and then sold once again. But ironically, Calgary has experienced a slowdown in its real estate market. So I will have to take a wait and see approach if this is true.

Anyway, that is all I have for now but I will say that I am going to not just talk about drafting,architecture and real estate on this blog but also talk about some books that I have seen and looked at. Another words do book reviews related to the drafting and architecture field and to start things off two months from now, I will talk about a book I found in the bookstore that I will discuss.

See you in May.

Happy New Year 2019

Well, happy new year to all of you who are reading this. This is the first entry of 2019 and it’s hard to believe that I have been here writing in this blog for 7 years. I started writing in here in 2012 and in a way the readership has grown a bit. Hopefully I can find time to put more content in here so I can really make this blog grow because from what I am seeing the followers haven’t increased since setting this up. But I will find a way to get the numbers up.

Anyway to start off the New Year with regards to constructions, real estate and Auto CAD, I will say that I have seen some homes for sale around my area and I have to say that the this particular house on the corner which was built in the 1950’s has been renovated years ago and the inside of it looks nice. I wish I had pictures of it but I drove by it and only managed to see it. I remember when it was first on the market the inside of it looked pretty dull and old and the triple garage looked average. But I guess the people who renovated the house not only did the house well but managed to renovate the garage too because it has a heater which it didn’t before. So that’s a part of real estate that I wanted to discuss.

Of course with that said, I am waiting to see what AutoDesk has in store with regards to Auto CAD and what their new version of the program is going to be like since they are always making a new version of the program. They made 2019 I think last year and now I think they will make Auto CAD 2020 and will probably put more new features on the program. 3D drawings seem to be a talk these days and Auto Desk will probably put in more features with 3D for designers who want to do more things with 3D. But 2D I don’t think will be going away anytime soon due to its usefulness especially in fields like architecture and engineering.

So, those are my thoughts for this month and I will see you in March.

Home Renovations And Sales In The Area For This Month

Back once again here and I have to say I have seen some interesting developments in the world of residential real estate in my area. I have seen a couple of houses get sold and new ones get put up on the market. It makes me wonder where most customers have been getting their money from but I am thinking that the economy in Calgary either hasn’t changed or things are improving somewhat. I will never know but real estate has been somewhat of a back and forth motion with regards to home sales.

I am also seeing some major renovations on some properties around my area too. There is one bungalow which has been torn apart inside. I am curious as to how it will turn out when the project gets completed. I bet there are more houses which will get renovated or built in the area. Especially this one house in Glamorgan which got burned to the ground due to some fire either inside or outside the house. Anyway, what’s left of it is a single detached garage at the back of the house. It was a four level split with an attached single garage. Too bad because it was such a nice house.

Anyway, not much has happened in the world of construction other than the fact that more homes are being built and renovated in most areas or communities of Calgary. With the amount of houses being built I cannot say that the construction industry has slowed down in the city. It only slowed down regarding some sectors of the industry with the landlords struggling to find renters in the downtown area since most businesses have decided to close their shops due to the economy.


Well, that’s all I have for now. I will see you in the New Year.

Construction And Real Estate Notes

I am a little late with this blog entry and I want to apologize for it because normally I write in this blog on the first or third day every two months. But I am writing late here since I had some other things to do like write in LinkedIn and do videos on the site as well. So it’s hard at times for me to find time to write in here early. But now that I have those things out of the way I am just going to just lay the news to you as to what happened in the construction and real estate industry.

Where do I begin here?Well, building in Calgary is going on at a very steady rate since I am still seeing some buildings under construction while I am seeing more houses being renovated and sold to the highest bidder. I also saw more houses being built and sold around the city and they are still building more homes and apartment complexes.So to say that the economy is dead that’s not the case at all. It’s just that there has been a slowdown of some sectors of the economy such as petroleum. But I would say that parts of building construction is alive and well.

Anyway, there’s a company that’s leading the way of building and renovating homes by buying old homes and then building new ones and then selling them.That’s a pretty smart way of making money especially if the realtor sells it at a higher price. Niro Developments have been doing Altadore for a while now and I have to say that they build pretty nice homes for a certain price. I would not be surprised if they came to the area I am in to build new homes because there are some homes which I think need to be moved since they are too old to renovate unless some reno company can do them. But real estate seems to be doing well.

In closing, real estate has been doing well in the city and I imagine that the northern part of Calgary has been developed since they were building a whole lot of houses in that area the last time I went to visit a friend. Hopefully they find ways to stop so they don’t build up too much of that area which has just about reached Airdrie.

That’s it for now. See you in November.

AutoCAD Information/More Houses Being Built.

Good morning once again for this July.I am back here once again for another blog entry on a bi-monthly basis. I debated whether or not I should write in here on a monthly basis and decided that I would keep this blog on a bi-monthly basis since writing something takes so much time since writers have to constantly research their topics and then bring their research and thoughts onto the screen. Like this blog I am doing on the AutoCAD/Construction industry which are very complex fields and topics to write about. So I will need about at least two months to just get these thoughts out onto the computer screen.

Now with that being said I will just get right to what I will talk about. While I was away I spent some time looking for any new information on AutoCAD 2019 which has probably come out this year since Autodesk often updates the program one year ahead of the recent year. I have a feeling that AutoCAD 2019 has come out but I haven’t been able to find any updated articles on the program. So that’s something I will have to do in the future. I was also keeping an eye on this bungalow being built in my neighbourhood along with this two storey house which are both for sale. I made the assumption that the two storey home was bought but it’s back on the market again. So I guess that one lucky buyer will be able to get it.

More houses are being built two since another house has been torn down. Only this time it’s not one house that’s being built. It is a duplex that’s going to be built. The two houses will probably include double garages like the two storey home which as a triple garage. It looks like this community will become a very expensive community if these builders keep building these monster homes.

Well, that’s all the news I have for this period. Take care and I will see you in September.


New Homes Being Built

Well, it’s been a while since I have written any news lately about construction and AutoCAD stuff. But in this blog that’s normal since this blog is bimonthly. I have been waiting around my block to take some pictures of some sites that new houses will be built but due to some privacy issues I just haven’t been able to do that. So I stopped taking pictures for a while. But I think that maybe I will start again because this year some home builders are going to build some new houses in the Rutland Park area.

One area in a big cul de sac will be an old style large bungalow that will be built since the home builders have gotten a permit from the City Of Calgary allowing them to begin construction of the new home after tearing some old house down probably owned by some original owners who probably passed away. That usually happens at times. Another one will probably be built on a street across from an elementary school and from where I live. The old house was a bungalow with a single attached garage which had already been torn down, which leaves me to wonder what will take its place.

I don’t know but I wonder though if the latter will be put up for sale because from what I have read on some real estate website, the new house located on the large cul de sac will be on sale and let me say that the price tag on it is very expensive. I don’t know the exact price on it but I have to say that it will be at least over $1million dollars. So anyone with money should buy it fast because houses like that, especially in the inner city areas sell very quickly. Another house which is being built has already been sold to the highest bidder. It’s a two storey home with a triple detached garage. I didn’t think that anyone would actually buy it due to economic conditions in the city but it got sold.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now in this real estate and construction report. Take care and I will see you all in July.

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