AutoCAD Information/More Houses Being Built.

Good morning once again for this July.I am back here once again for another blog entry on a bi-monthly basis. I debated whether or not I should write in here on a monthly basis and decided that I would keep this blog on a bi-monthly basis since writing something takes so much time since writers have to constantly research their topics and then bring their research and thoughts onto the screen. Like this blog I am doing on the AutoCAD/Construction industry which are very complex fields and topics to write about. So I will need about at least two months to just get these thoughts out onto the computer screen.

Now with that being said I will just get right to what I will talk about. While I was away I spent some time looking for any new information on AutoCAD 2019 which has probably come out this year since Autodesk often updates the program one year ahead of the recent year. I have a feeling that AutoCAD 2019 has come out but I haven’t been able to find any updated articles on the program. So that’s something I will have to do in the future. I was also keeping an eye on this bungalow being built in my neighbourhood along with this two storey house which are both for sale. I made the assumption that the two storey home was bought but it’s back on the market again. So I guess that one lucky buyer will be able to get it.

More houses are being built two since another house has been torn down. Only this time it’s not one house that’s being built. It is a duplex that’s going to be built. The two houses will probably include double garages like the two storey home which as a triple garage. It looks like this community will become a very expensive community if these builders keep building these monster homes.

Well, that’s all the news I have for this period. Take care and I will see you in September.



New Homes Being Built

Well, it’s been a while since I have written any news lately about construction and AutoCAD stuff. But in this blog that’s normal since this blog is bimonthly. I have been waiting around my block to take some pictures of some sites that new houses will be built but due to some privacy issues I just haven’t been able to do that. So I stopped taking pictures for a while. But I think that maybe I will start again because this year some home builders are going to build some new houses in the Rutland Park area.

One area in a big cul de sac will be an old style large bungalow that will be built since the home builders have gotten a permit from the City Of Calgary allowing them to begin construction of the new home after tearing some old house down probably owned by some original owners who probably passed away. That usually happens at times. Another one will probably be built on a street across from an elementary school and from where I live. The old house was a bungalow with a single attached garage which had already been torn down, which leaves me to wonder what will take its place.

I don’t know but I wonder though if the latter will be put up for sale because from what I have read on some real estate website, the new house located on the large cul de sac will be on sale and let me say that the price tag on it is very expensive. I don’t know the exact price on it but I have to say that it will be at least over $1million dollars. So anyone with money should buy it fast because houses like that, especially in the inner city areas sell very quickly. Another house which is being built has already been sold to the highest bidder. It’s a two storey home with a triple detached garage. I didn’t think that anyone would actually buy it due to economic conditions in the city but it got sold.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now in this real estate and construction report. Take care and I will see you all in July.

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Construction Notes

Back again here and it has been a long while since I have written in here. It seems like forever that I haven’t been looking for any construction projects in the city since hearing all this talk about the economy and its impact on the construction industry. But going to a friends house almost two years ago made me realize that most of the economy in Calgary isn’t majorly affected because I saw housing construction in the northern part of the city and some buildings going up.Which made me realize that just because one part of the city is affected doesn’t mean that the whole city is affected.

Some sectors have been going on and are progressing in a way while only one sector, the petroleum industry is affected with layoffs and cutbacks in its projects. So, there is some inconsistencies in most economic and business reports that I have been reading and hearing about. Housing construction in some parts are increasing with new homes being built in the inner cities. Like one house that I have been eying in my neighborhood for sometime. It’s a two story home which is being built by some home building company after tearing down two small homes. The house will contain a whole lot of features including a triple detached garage. I will see if I can get a picture of it and maybe post it in here but due to time constraints I haven’t been able to get a pic. But when construction is finished it will look very nice. Can hardly wait to see it.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this month, I apologize for not writing earlier this month. Just haven’t been able to get to this blog at the time. But I will start writing earlier two months from now. See you in May!

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Happy New Year

This is going to have to be a short entry since I am pressed for time. All I have to say is that it looks like there is going to be a whole lot of empty spaces within the commercial real estate industry due to some retailers closing their stores. A month ago we have seen Sears close their doors for good and other retailers in Canada. But mostly Sears has closed most of their doors which will be a real challenge for these landlords in getting tenants to rent out their spaces since they’re so big in square footage and the rents being two times the amount.

So, that’s all I have for now and its great being back since I took Christmas off. I will be putting more pictures of houses being built and renovated when I get the chance for this year.

See u in March.


Construction News

Good morning. Back once again here for another entry. It’s hard to believe that we have almost reached the end of 2017 and we are about to reach 2018 in two months. Hopefully the construction industry picks up particularly in the petroleum industry which has been hit with low oil prices and job losses. Anyway, a whole lot has happened during the two months I have been gone from this blog and I will tell you about them in the next paragraph.

First off, I would like to say that some construction has been going on in regards to infrastructure. A new road near Sarcee Trail and Glenmore Trail is being paved since from what I hear there has been talks about expanding this road so more cars can use it. So this bridge that has been constructed years ago, the one we drive on will be torn down.Now I don’t know why they are going to tear the ring road down because people have been getting used to it due to the reduction of traffic congestion years ago.

Another thing that has been going on is some building downtown which has been falling apart due to some falling glass that has been hitting the ground, that has resulted in closing a part of downtown.Now, I cannot say much about this building but what I do know is that the building has been poorly built and designed since what building has been built on glass? Glass cannot sustain itself for long since it can break easily and probably suffer major damage if natural disasters strike like tornados or earthquakes. Glass buildings are not sustainable for the long run. The architects could have design the building with concrete and then use the glass for the windows.

Well, those are the stories I have for this month.Take care and have yourselves a Happy Thanksgiving this month for readers in the USA.For the rest of you have yourselves a Merry Christmas and all the best during this holiday season and the best in 2018.

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Home Construction Report

Man, September has come to us once again here and it has been two months since I have written in here. But even so that seems like a very long time. Anyway, a lot has gone on since I wrote here two months ago and I even took some pictures of some housing projects since I have written here two months ago.I took a picture of some house that’s being built in Lakeview and was going to post it in here but never had the time to do it. I will post it later in either about a month or two since construction is almost finished on it. The frame had already been built to the point that they can do the inside.

The house is being built by a company I won’t name but this company has built a whole lot of houses in the areas close to me and have done spectacular work to say the least. And it’s not just these that are being built but home construction and renovations have been taking place in Calgary. So much for job losses in the city which the media says have taken place. This company has probably built homes all over the city by buying old houses and their plots and replacing them with their brand styled homes. So construction is still going on just not from a commercial standpoint.

In fact almost every place I have rode my bike home construction is occurring all over. Even months ago when I was riding around the Mount Royal area there was this house that was being built. Around this house were houses that have gotten major renovations since as far as I do remember, they looked like old style homes which had designs coming from the 1960’s and 1970’s and they had gotten major transformations. So a lot has happened since I had written in here a couple of months ago and I bet the more houses will be built in the months coming.

Well, that’s all for now. I will be back in November. Take care.

Real Estate, Auto CAD And Construction Notes

Well, back here once again to bring you another entry from this site since it has been so long.Two months seems long to me to write anything about the CAD Industry, construction and real estate and a lot has happened the two months I have been away from here. I managed to install an Auto CAD program onto this laptop but it’s not the full version of Auto CAD I have installed in here. It’s the light version that I installed and the educational version. The full version I found out from Auto desk is still highly priced which will take a lot of money if any individual or business wants to purchase the program.

Luckily if anyone is able to get the program for free for a certain amount of time will have to sign up for the Light version depending on how long Autodesk sets the terms. But it will be good to get if anyone wants to practice Auto CAD. With that being said something else has occurred while I was gone from this site. I managed to ride my bike to some areas which home building and renovations have really taken place.In Lakeview most houses are being rebuilt and renovated highly. I managed to take a peak while I was riding my bike.I don’t know what is going on but I would say that most home owners are either just renovating because they want to change the looks of their homes or they are just doing it because they have the money to do it.

But either way, it’s nice that the city of Calgary has money because if they didn’t these projects wouldn’t exist.Also I want to say that both Canada Day and Independence Day have people who are not only rebuilding,renovating, selling and buying homes but I have seen some real estate magazines get bigger as well because during the economic meltdown from years ago I have seen real estate magazines get smaller and smaller due to the real estate market being affected in a major way. Now that the magazines have gotten bigger this tells me that the market has gotten better.

Anyway, I will end this entry at that and come back in September. Take care.