Home Construction Report

Man, September has come to us once again here and it has been two months since I have written in here. But even so that seems like a very long time. Anyway, a lot has gone on since I wrote here two months ago and I even took some pictures of some housing projects since I have written here two months ago.I took a picture of some house that’s being built in Lakeview and was going to post it in here but never had the time to do it. I will post it later in either about a month or two since construction is almost finished on it. The frame had already been built to the point that they can do the inside.

The house is being built by a company I won’t name but this company has built a whole lot of houses in the areas close to me and have done spectacular work to say the least. And it’s not just these that are being built but home construction and renovations have been taking place in Calgary. So much for job losses in the city which the media says have taken place. This company has probably built homes all over the city by buying old houses and their plots and replacing them with their brand styled homes. So construction is still going on just not from a commercial standpoint.

In fact almost every place I have rode my bike home construction is occurring all over. Even months ago when I was riding around the Mount Royal area there was this house that was being built. Around this house were houses that have gotten major renovations since as far as I do remember, they looked like old style homes which had designs coming from the 1960’s and 1970’s and they had gotten major transformations. So a lot has happened since I had written in here a couple of months ago and I bet the more houses will be built in the months coming.

Well, that’s all for now. I will be back in November. Take care.


Real Estate, Auto CAD And Construction Notes

Well, back here once again to bring you another entry from this site since it has been so long.Two months seems long to me to write anything about the CAD Industry, construction and real estate and a lot has happened the two months I have been away from here. I managed to install an Auto CAD program onto this laptop but it’s not the full version of Auto CAD I have installed in here. It’s the light version that I installed and the educational version. The full version I found out from Auto desk is still highly priced which will take a lot of money if any individual or business wants to purchase the program.

Luckily if anyone is able to get the program for free for a certain amount of time will have to sign up for the Light version depending on how long Autodesk sets the terms. But it will be good to get if anyone wants to practice Auto CAD. With that being said something else has occurred while I was gone from this site. I managed to ride my bike to some areas which home building and renovations have really taken place.In Lakeview most houses are being rebuilt and renovated highly. I managed to take a peak while I was riding my bike.I don’t know what is going on but I would say that most home owners are either just renovating because they want to change the looks of their homes or they are just doing it because they have the money to do it.

But either way, it’s nice that the city of Calgary has money because if they didn’t these projects wouldn’t exist.Also I want to say that both Canada Day and Independence Day have people who are not only rebuilding,renovating, selling and buying homes but I have seen some real estate magazines get bigger as well because during the economic meltdown from years ago I have seen real estate magazines get smaller and smaller due to the real estate market being affected in a major way. Now that the magazines have gotten bigger this tells me that the market has gotten better.

Anyway, I will end this entry at that and come back in September. Take care.

Back Again With That House Being Built On Some Old Plot

Hello once again here. I am back with another bimonthly entry for this blog. Now two months ago I think I talked a bit about the real estate market and home renovations and said that there were a whole lot of projects going on regarding home renovation and real estate.Also there was a house that I took a picture of in the area I live in, in which they took an old house off the plot and build a new one with the three car garage already at the back. Before it was a bungalow and they have built a two storey home there. It is the third house being built after the previous two I talked about in the Glamorgan area.

Now that I see it’s almost done I will post the picture in this blog for this month that I took with my phone. It looks very nice with some old architecture and I would have to say that someone will probably move in right away rather than put it up for sale. I hope that it goes up for sale but that would be hard to do since the real estate market is hot right now in Calgary and there are people looking for places to live I would say that it will probably be taken by some anxious buyers.

Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say at this time. I will have to put in more AutoCAD stuff in here since this is a CADD blog but I will put more real estate stuff in here too.

Here is the picture of the house and I will see you in July.


Real Estate Report

Welcome back to you all!It’s hard to believe that we are already in the month of March and it is the first day too.Now a lot has happened during the last two months I have been gone from this site.This one house in my neighborhood is just about finished and I will see if I am able to get some pictures of it. If not then that is alright too.I will just write about it in the next two months.Anyway, I have been driving around the neighborhood and more houses have been put up for sale since I am thinking that people are either selling their homes to move into smaller homes or they’re just walking away from their properties due to the fact that the economy is so bad to the point that they’re not able to make their mortgage payments.

Anyway, I did manage to do ¬†watch some news reports on the whole real estate market in Canada.In fact, it has been a couple of days ago during my day off from the gas bar.It was on CBC News and maybe some other stations.But mainly on CBC News.They talked about comparisons in which cities have the cheapest houses and they named Edmonton, Halifax and some other cities in Saskatchewan, Ontario and Manitoba. Other provinces they named too which are too numerous to name.Another words cities that are cheaper than Toronto and Vancouver which are very expensive.Victoria I suspect is expensive as well since the city is close to Vancouver and is in the same province of BC.Even though some cities in Canada are cheaper than others I would have to say that the prices I saw are still expensive because they’re in the six digits.While houses in the U.S. costs less than here since the price range in the U.S is sitting in the five digit range.

Well,that’s pretty much all I have for this period since this blog continues to be written on a bimonthly basis.So I will be back in May!!

Happy New Year/Housing Sales During The Carbon Tax Policy/Bathroom Renovations

Happy New Year to you guys and gals out there who are following my blog.It has been a while since I had written in here.In fact it has been two months ago that I have written anything in here.Now that the Christmas season is gone I am going to be focusing more on writing about real estates and properties since I think that the real estate season has arrived to us this winter.It seems to me that the more I drive through my neighborhood the more properties I am seeing being put up for sale in Calgary.

Of course along with residential and commercial properties going up for sale,tax season has hit us once again and it is going to be interesting to see if any properties sell during this policy that the government has passed. The Carbon Tax policy has been passed and made law and I am curious to find out in this new year whether or not the policy will affect the housing market because from what I have read from some sources the cost of living will go up regarding goods and services.And if the cost of living goes up then I think in a way the price of housing will rise too.

But that remains to be seen.Moving forward here,I want to talk about what went down the last two months I was gone from this site.My house went through some home renovations since the two months I had written in here.I just had my bathtub replaced and I will show you the pics from the old bathtub to the process of work being done in it and the finished product.So there isn’t much for me to say other than the fact that the work went a lot smoother than I had anticipated with the exception of having to use the gym to take my showers which was a bit of a hassle.But I managed to do it while the work was done and now things are better.I guess it pays to maintain an old house because like our bodies homes age too.

Anyway I will end this off by saying that I was thinking about posting in here on a monthly basis just to keep this blog up to date but for now I will keep this bimonthly since there are times when I am not able to find time to write in here everyday.Bye the way,here are the pics.Take care and I will once again see you next or two months from now.






More News Regarding Currie Barracks

Back again for this first day of November and I have to say that I have been urging to get back onto this blog because two months seems a long time to be absent from a blog as practical as this.I was thinking of writing in this blog everyday but with other blogs that I am eyeing it is a hard task for me to do.So I will keep this as a bimonthly blog and see where it leads me. Then I will see if I am able to write in here everyday because it seems to be getting some views and followers.Most views from here in Canada since it’s where I live. But I am getting views from India,Japan,the United States and amazingly Venezuela. So to all the readers out there I appreciate the recognition and views.Thank you!!

Now for some news.I managed to get some pictures of the site in the new area of Currie Barracks and I will post them here. Anyway,talking about this.I did manage to get pics of the construction site in which they are going to put new homes and other building.Although it looks good they still haven’t torn the other buildings down yet. I wonder what’s taking them so long because I am eager to see what it will look like with the new homes being planted there.It’s not just the homes that are going to be built there. There will be new buildings there that people can work and entertain in.The type of buildings that are going to be there I will never know.I have to wait and find out.But I looked at the website they have and the layout as to where everything is going to be and I have to say that it will look nice and a bit urban.Another words,it will look like another downtown but in the suburbs.None the less it is in Calgary and people working as professional will not have to commute to downtown as much as they use to.They can work in these offices close to their homes.

So,that’s pretty much all I have to say for the last entry of 2016.Take care and have a very happy holiday season and see you in 2017.

Here are the pics I talked about today.

Newly Built Homes Replacing Old Ones In Old Community

Another September has come to us once again here and a lot has occurred during the last two months I have been away from this blog.I have seen more residential construction in the last two months and so far even more home renovations take place. In fact, I was going to take a picture of one renovating project going on around my area and post it on here but due to privacy reasons I decided to decline on it. But I did manage to get a picture of a house taken away with the plot empty and the triple attached garage left alone and I will try and see if I can post it on this blog at the end of this entry.

In the meantime I want to talk about some trend which is going on in the home construction industry which I have been thinking about and reading for sometime. It is about building brand new homes after taking out the old homes from their plot/land. Some business has been pulling old homes out of the areas and just building new homes using the old foundation and for this business things have been booming for them. So much for the slowdown in the economy. Anyway, the process is started by the customer buying the old home and then taking the home off the plot and putting it onto the truck trailer and then carrying the home to the area where the customer lives. Then I think some home contractors then maybe pave the ground or just rebuild the basement in order for the new house to be constructed. The new house will be a great addition to the triple garage which is located at the back. Some company did this to one house which use to have an old house built there and there is another one which has just about almost built which use to have an old house and to my knowledge they probably tore down the garage too.

So, a lot of new homes are just being rebuilt on old plots in most old communities in Calgary and not only being built in new communities because that is where new homes are now being built since city officials want to stretch out the city which makes it harder for home builders and contractors to maintain and renovate old homes. Calgary just keeps getting bigger since more people are moving into the city and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same procedure is occurring in Edmonton and other major cities in North America.

Well, I will end this entry by putting a picture I took of some plot that I spoke about earlier in which a new home will be built. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a good shot of it since I was sitting in my truck. But none the less, it’s a pic.


See you in November.